The Municipality of Notre Dame de Standbridge wishes to become a nurturing community. Our objective is to promote a local, healthy, sustainable and solidary-based food system. Your participation in this survey is part of our consultation process. In fact, all our food system stakeholders will be involved. These include the production, processing and distribution industries, consumers, as well as the management and valorization of waste materials sector.
This process will allow the Municipality to establish a clear picture of the territory and its food offer. It will also be used to identify your needs, your challenges and your aspirations. It will direct our actions towards how the Municipality can better contribute to the development of your organization.
You’ll need to plan about 20 minutes to answer the survey, between now and May 2.
To learn about the Nurturing Community Initiative, click HERE. 
Your answers will be processed and presented confidentially and anonymously by the OROKOM consulting firm. If you have any questions, please contact :
Carole Dansereau, city ​​councilor, or 514-714-1721
Catherine Lamontagne, Strategic Advisor OROKOM at or by calling 450-578-0878.)
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