Invitation to participate in a research study
Influence of therapist’s personality on empathic abilities during therapeutic alliance rupture.

You are invited to participate in a psychology research study which aims to better understand the personality aspects of the therapist which influence their capacity for empathy. This study takes place at Université de Sherbrooke.
Your participation in this study would involve filling out an electronic survey. Answering the questionnaires will take you between 60 and 75 minutes. If you so choose, you have the possibility to save your answers and come back a later time to complete the test. We are soliciting individuals practicing psychotherapy as part of their profession or their academic training.
Your participation in this study may allow you to reflect on your professional practice, especially regarding your empathic abilities in a moment of rupture with your client.

You can answer the survey directly via this hyperlink or contact Marie-Céline Vallerand-Roy by email : marie-celine.vallerand-roy@usherbrooke.ca
By participation in the study, you can contribute to the advancement of knowledge about the factors affecting  empathy among therapists.

Thank you for your participation.
Marie-Céline Vallerand-Roy
candidate in psychology, Université de Sherbrooke 


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