DELEGATE APPLICATION FORM - Costa Rica / Panama 2022

The Nova Scotia Association of Community Business Development Corporations, with the support of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the professional matchmaking skills of Kisserup International Trade Roots Inc, are hosting an in-person trade mission this February 1st to 8th, 2023. The project has the capacity to accommodate up to ten trade ready companies from the four Atlantic Provinces, to participate in this multi-sector trade promotion mission to Costa Rica and Panama. Applicants can participate in one or both markets.

  • Dates: - The specific dates are set for:
    • San Jose, Costa Rica – February 1, 2 and 3, 2023 
    • Travel from Costa Rica to Panama over the weekend – February 4 and 5, 2023 
    • Panama City, Panama – February 6, 7 and 8, 2023
  • What the mission includes:
    • Professional matchmaking services that will have developed a customized Business-to-Business meeting itinerary, specific to your company, ready for you before you leave for the mission. 
    • A Project Team has developed a plan and a detailed execution strategy for these international markets, so you do not have to.    
    • Facilitated group accommodation planning
    • Mission secretariat B2B meeting room    
    • Meeting language translation
    • Participation in networking events
    • Facilitated in-market transportation
    • Export mentoring and coaching
    • Access to the Canadian Trade Commissioners Service in-market 
  • Costs - The cost of the mission registration is $500. It is important to note that registration does not include airfare, accommodations, or meals. Typically, the costs to participate in a mission like this would be between $3,500 and $4,500 CAD before the registration fee, per delegate. Invoices will be issued in Canadian Dollars. 
  • Two Markets -  Company registration is the same for one or both, Costa Rica and Panama. There is no additional charge if companies elect to register more than one company representative to be a mission delegate to participate in the business matchmaking meetings.

1) Which target markets are you interested in attending?*

2) Organization or Company Name

3) Delegate Information

First NameFamily NameCompany Title/PositionBusiness EmailCell Phone
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4) Company or Organizational Background Information

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Year the company was incorporated
Number of current full time employees
Approximate total sales, as of your last fiscal year end.

5) Company / Organizational Profile

6) Please briefly describe your company's product or service.

7) Please provide your companies value proposition, unique selling proposition or competitive advantage.

8) In which Atlantic Province are you based in.

9) Is your company currently owned 50%+ by one of these diverse groups.

10) Please define the sector or industry that best defines your products and/or services.

11) Please describe your typical customer for your product/service, branch within the organization and title of the individual who is typically the best contact. Feel free to give examples.

12) Please describe your preferred market distribution method.

13) Do you have any intellectual property for your product/s and or services such as trademarks, patents, etc. ?

14) Your organization currently sells in: (select all that are appropriate)*

15) Total Export Sales: Total Export Sales Revenue in your last fiscal year (please select from the pulldown Menu).*

16) Please list your top three existing markets outside Canada, in priority of sales volume. Priority Market #1

17) Priority Market #2

18) Priority Market #3

19) Please list any markets that you are currently not selling in, but interested in engaging in the next 18 months.

20) Please tell us a bit more about your expectations, interests, and goals for doing business in Costa Rica and/or Panama. What are your top three goals for participating in the mission?

21) Please indicate the specific products and/or services to be marketed during the trade mission. Please include product Harmonized System HS Codes if you have them available.

22) Are there specific companies or individuals that your companies' delegates would like to meet, during our matchmaking program?

23) Digital Assets Required - In order to optimize the mission organization team's ability to promote and attract the best potential contacts for your in-market networking and meetings we require that you forward your company/product logos, professional mission delegate head shot, and any company or product/service promotional video for inclusion in the trade mission promotional site and materials. Please forward assets to Erinn Smith of the CBDCs at, at time of registration.


Upon selecting the "submit" button below,
the mission coordinator, the Erinn Smith of the CBDCs (at
will review your application form and contact you.